Debut EP

Introducing POLARITY

Avalon Fay's debut EP combines melodies and rythms of rock and pop music. The sound of her vibrating guitar chords as well as her warm voice transport us into her melancholic world.

Mind Trick, the first single, is a conversation with our inner self. Do we always listen to our inner voice ? Do we listen to our intuition when we are seeking for answers in times of trouble ? The Ego can be tricky to handle as you can see in the official music video

Sacred, the second single, tackles the subject of conservation and preservation. Chanting "my land's sacred" and "my body's sacred", Avalon Fay highlights the impotance of respecting the planet as well as one's body. The music video juxtaposes the stunning Colorado Provençal (the "provence colorado" situated in Rustrel) with the urban streets of Marseille.

The debut EP also includes Shadows, a heartfelt ballad with a touch of gospel; the hypnotic Masquerade urging us to drop the mask and open our eyes on the reality of things; the strong and very rock-infused Blessing in Disguise depicting a rather twisted and reckless woman; and ends with Clarity, a song that reminds us that there always is a glimmer of hope, and that even the darkest of times can have positive outcomes.


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